Business Concept Capture

First we write the story of your current or proposed organisation and gain agreement with you that we’ve captured what you do, your historic, current and future direction in words.

Image Presentation

We’ll talk with you about how your image is to be presented.  We need to understand how you’re going to use it.  Will it be on packaging, does it need to be black and white, does it need to be big, how small does it end up?  Will it be on paper or on screens most of the time?  Does it need animation?

Global Research

Next we identify a list of key words that speak about your organisation then give those to Google.  We look at what images the search engines are associating with your words.

We also look at what other organisation (or ‘things’) are being associated with those words and identify if those people are in your market place.

We get you to tell us who you see as your competitors.  A point of marketing is to find your point of difference.  Our job is to help you find those differences and/or help you create them.

You have to carry the look.  You have to sell it, you have to use it to sell who you are.  Understanding these points we get you to look for images, brands and web sites that you like the look of that represent an image you’d like to convey.  This can involve us simply presenting our “research work product” to you to consider what you do and don’t like about what we’ve discovered.

If you’re running a global business then we can also use our global network array to reach deeper into Google to get results from different locations around the world.  Today, search engines like Google deliver ‘location specific’ content, so simply running a search from your location might not tell you want you need to know.

Image Concept Design

We will produce an “Image Brief” that is then given to your selection of designers.  This brief will form a template against which you’ll evaluate potential designs.

We have on staff designers, contractors and a global array of freelance designers we can resource you with.  Each of these has different benefits.  The confidential nature of your business may preclude putting your requirements out to a freelance market place.

Freelance market places come with different budgets, so if you’re using a freelance space we talk with you about the ethics of each space too.  We understand more and more folk are drinking ‘fair trade coffee’ by choice today.

Image Testing

We’ll take the developed concepts and push them back to Google using their reverse image search to make sure that concepts haven’t been stolen (very important if we’re using freelancers) and that they don’t get related to something that you didn’t want to be associated to.  We’ll keep that research and present it to you to sign off you’re happy with what each of your concepts get associated with.

This is where our ability to reach out to different global parts of Google becomes very useful and powerful.  Doing research in onc location to discover your brand associates with the ‘wrong things’ in the location your brand is going to be seen can be very expensive and costly to your brand.  Many of our tourism and export customers consider this critical.

We can also arrange “focus group” testing.  Focus groups tell you how people react to your presentation.

Finished Art

Finally we’ll present you with your finished art in the formats that you need them with all the information you need so that your business partners can use it.  We’ve been printing and presenting stuff for over a two decades, so we understand all about the different requirements of printers, packagers and digital presenters.

We’ll also prepare a style guide for you that includes instructions about how to use your branding in your documentation and presentations so that the consistency of your brand is protected.

Image Visualization

We can prepare ‘virtual worlds’ to show you how your brand looks in a real world.  This is critical for branding that’s going to end up on big things which require large investments, such as cars, buses, buildings and large sign boards.

Review Cycle

We can also design a review cycle and brand refresh concept for you at the same time.  This is useful when you need things to change so your target viewers see change but also need to maintain brand consistency.


A brand is an investment.  The more you invest in it the more return you should aim to generate from it.  Short term products or services might garnish less investment than longer term identity.

We need to understand what return you’re wanting to achieve so we can understand what investment to recommend.

We also focus to help you to understand how to protect your investment


We can train your organisation how to use your branding.  This can include everything from one on one training to brand documentation and video tutorial presentations to walk your team through the process of how to present your brand image.

This can include information about the choices made during the development of your brand so that your team understand the choices made and why they need to give attention to your brands presentation.